Monday, March 3, 2008

U.S. Marine Murders a Puppy

Here is a quickly evolving "story" coming from the Middle East. To no surprise, the video is also going viral on the Internet(s) at the speed of light. In the Youtube clip you can see a U.S. Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff to its demise.

Caution! This is NOT for the faint of heart and I DO NOT suggest letting young children see this video:

It appears that folks on the Internet(s) have already revealed the identity of Marine and he is quickly gaining attention all over the web (David Motari). He even has a Wiki page....for now.

Update I: It looks like Wiki removed the entry for David Motari. I didn't have time to get a screen shot. But from Google, "David Motari is potentially the identity of a United States soldier seen in a video throwing a puppy over a cliff. The video has not been confirmed as..."

Update II: Youtube has deleted someone else's upload of the video clip, so I have uploaded the video to blogger in case my Youtube version disappears as well.

Update III: Apparently a concerned American contacted the USMC to inform them about this video and apparent identification of David Motari. I stumbled across this entry on It appears to be legitimate email from a Staff Security for the USMC in Hawaii

Update IV: A screen shot of David Motari's, the alleged puppy thrower, Bebo Profile. Found at:

Update V: There is speculation that the video is fake.