Thursday, December 28, 2006

Edwards announces 2008 bid for presidency...accidently

From the Wash Times:

Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards jumped into the presidential race yesterday, a day earlier than he'd planned, prodded by an Internet glitch to kick off a candidacy focused on health care, taxes and other domestic issues.

The North Carolina Democrat's campaign accidentally went live with his election Web site a day before an announcement, set for today, that was supposed to use hurricane-ravaged New Orleans as a backdrop.

The slip-up gave an unintended double meaning to his campaign slogan on the John Edwards '08 Web site: "Tomorrow begins today."

Edwards' states, "This campaign is about each of us taking responsibility for our country's future -- and ensuring America’s greatness in the 21st century. [And] we all must take responsibility and take action now to:"
  • Provide moral leadership in the world
  • Strengthen our middle class and end poverty
  • Guarantee universal health care for every American
  • Lead the fight against global warming
  • Get America and other countries off our addiction to oil