Monday, November 10, 2008

Scarborough Drops F-Bomb November 10, 2006 AND 2008

Scarborough appears to have a problem with November 10ths and dropping F-Bombs live on Cable TV.

Scarborough, November 2008:
Today on “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough was discussing the calm nature of the Obama campaign and accidentally used the f-word. His guests joked about needing a seven-second delay. After apologizing, Scarborough said, “My wife is going to kill me when I get home.”

Scarborough, November 2006
Joe responds to Tucker's complimentary introduction by dropping an F-bomb

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Redux: Time for Biden to Resign

Janie, you know I love you....I'll graciously accept your apology anytime now. ;)

Janie's post from January 2007:
We all remember a few months back when Joe Biden had this to say about "Indians":

"You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent."

Well, ole Biden has struck again. This time in an interview with The New York Observer, Biden makes what can be construed as a racist comment while attacking his would-be opponents in the 2008 Presidential race:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

The article goes on to quote Biden referring to Hillary Clinton's plan for Iraq as a "disaster," while saying about John Edward's plan, "I don't think John Edwards knows what the heck he is talking about."

This coming from the man that wants to partitian Iraq.

These comments present two problems:

1) In a political climate where Democrats need to band together to win the very important 2008 election, Biden is already trashing his opponents which will do nothing to strengthen the party.

2) The comment regarding Obama can be construed as racist, and gives the right a new talking point for which to attack him with and through association, all Democrats as well.

I think it's time for ole Joe to go.

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Electoral Map Predictions

McGramps, the unhinged right-wing, and the corporate media are desperately grasping at straws and attempting to make a story that McCain is on the verge of winning.
was actually one of the most accurate electoral vote predictors from 2004:

On Nov 4th they predicted, Kerry 252 Bush 279 and the actual results were Kerry 251 Bush 286.
Today, they have it: Obama 353 McCain 185

Update I:

Votes needed to win: 270

NTRADE (based on trading in candidate futures)
Obama: 353 EC votes
McCain: 174 EC votes
Too close to call: 11 EC votes
Update: Obama loses 11 to McCain.

ELECTORAL-VOTE.COM (a respected consolidator of poll results)
Obama: 364
McCain: 171
Too close: 3
Update: McCain gains 11 from Obama and 3 from "too close."

Obama: 311
McCain: 142
Too close: 85
Update: McCain loses 5 to Obama and 10 to "too close."

Obama: 346
McCain: 192
Too close: 0
Update: McCain gains 5 from Obama.

Obama: 311
McCain: 142
Too close: 85
Comment: Obama gains 5 from "too close."

More Palin Winking

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Called The N-Word At Palin Rally

It's clearly obvious that O'Sarah bin Palin heard the remark as she stumbled and bumbled through her ranting vile speech, yet she does nothing to denounce it.....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Attacked by a McCain Supporter!

The unhinged and factually challenged right-wing was in a complete meltdown late last week because of an alleged attack on a McCain Volunteer, Ashley Todd (R), which turned out to be a BIG...FAT....LIE. The fake outrage from the right-wing was comedy gold and the VP of Fox "News", John Moody (R), even went so far to claim:

If Ms. Todd’s allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.

If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.

Well, to no surprise, no apologies have been issued by any of the unhinged, angry, and vile right-wingers that attacked the entire Left, every Obama supporter, and as well as his campaign because they were dumb enough to believe this Lie. The rest of the non-23%ers of America will await their apology....but we won't hold our breath.

Nonetheless, it appears some people did not receive word that the "attack" on Ashley Todd (R) was hoax and now there are right-wing vigilantes seeking revenge. Here is one such account:

McCain Campaign Steals Obama Logo

McCain is losing and behind in just about every national poll and electoral map prediction. With the campaign in an utter and complete tailspin, it appears they only have one option....emulate their opposition.

The McCain Campaign is now stealing the Obama Logo and using it in their own ads. I came across the ad on

Here is another snapshot of the web ad.

This day in 2004.....

This day in 2004 the electoral map was predicting Kerry 247 - Bush 285 and the "actual results" were Kerry 251 - Bush 286.

Today, the electoral maps put Obama at 375, 306, and 350.

We're getting close to Nov 4th. The polls and electoral map are in our favor, but we still need to GOTV!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Obama and Al Qaeda endorses John McCain

Al Qaeda affiliates are endorsing John McCain (R-AZ). “Al-Qaeda will have to support McCain (R-AZ) in the coming election,” said a commentary posted Monday on the extremist Web site al-Hesbah, which is closely linked to the terrorist group. It said McCain would continue the “failing march of his predecessor,” President Bush (R-TX).


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Clash - Police On My Back (Live)


Obama Leads in Pizza Poll

So, I decided to order a pie online from Dominoes while watching the Rays-BoSox game. After you place your order, Domino's has interactive tracking which includes a few brief questions about the election. After you answer the questions, the results are displayed. It appears the Domino's Poll is consistent with the rest of the polls out there, i.e., Obama is America's choice!

I'm sure the right-wing will claim Domino's is "liberal" and "biased".

Palin as President: A Frightening Look at Reality

Move your mouse around the screen and click at will....

Thursday, October 16, 2008


McCain doing up the Frankenstein-look for Halloween?

Image Hosted by

"grrrrrrrrrrr, libruls, grrrrrrrrrrr, libruls, me want libruls, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings are Boring

Sports Poetry?

They play hockey, they win.
They have room under the salary cap and players aren't screaming to get unreal raises.
Their fans love them. The players get along.
Hall of Famers (Chelios and Hasek) sit on the bench and cheer the other players on.
They give an old washed up drunk (McCarty) another chance and he once again becomes the heart and soul of the team.
Americans, Canadians, Swedes, Fins, Czechs, and Russians all getting along and strive for a common goal.
No Drugs, No (off-ice) Assaults, No Womanizing, No Trash Talking, No Prima Donnas, No NHL Anointed Superstars.
They are a boring team.

Sometimes boring is a great thing!!

~Voltaire26, Jun 29, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cindy McCain Stole Drugs from her own Charity

Every time the incompetent and inept right-wing Media tells a lie about Michelle Obama, just remember the truth about Cindy "The Lude" McCain.

Oct. 18, 1999 | PHOENIX -- GOP presidential candidate John McCain's wife Cindy took to the airwaves last week, recounting for Jane Pauley (on "Dateline") and Diane Sawyer (on "Good Morning America") the tale of her onetime addiction to Percocet and Vicodin, and the fact that she stole the drugs from her own nonprofit medical relief organization.

It was a brave and obviously painful thing to do.

It was also vintage McCain media manipulation.

Read on....

Midwest Flooding: McCain prays, Obama grabs a shovel

Enough said.

Michael Reagan Calls for the Murder of Americans

Far, FAR right-wing extremist and radio talk show host Michael Reagan, the adopted son of former President Ronnie Raygun, has recently called for the murder of Mark Dice and other individuals in the 9/11 truth movement. Reagan's death threats were aired Tuesday, June 10th during the second hour. Reagan called for the murder of Mark Dice and 9/11 truther movement activists after hearing that Dice is mailing letters and DVDs to troops in Iraq. Reagan even stated that he wants to pay for the bullets.

Transcript of Reagan’s statements:
Reagan: "Excuse me folks, I’m going to say this. We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullets."

Reagan adds, "How about you take Mark Dice out and put him in the middle of a firing range. Tie him to a post, don’t blindfold him, let it rip and have some fun with Mark Dice."
Dice is demanding that Reagan be fired immediately. “Calling for the murder of someone because you disagree with their political stance is absolutely unacceptable, un-American, and possibly illegal,” says Dice.

Dice has filed a report with the FBI and is considering legal action against Reagan.

Dice’s organization, The Resistance, has launched a campaign to send documentary films and declassified documents to U.S. troops who are stationed in Iraq to inform them that the 9/11 attacks were aided by elements within the U.S. government.

Personal Comments (Dr. Matt): Now, I am no fan of the 9/11 truth movement and I am not involved in their campaign. However, I am very concerned when someone uses public airwaves to issue death threats against someone they do not agree with. We all know this is nothing new for the right-wing (for example, here, here, here, here to name a few). However, we also know that the right-wing loons that listen to AM hate radio extremists are fragile enough to follow through with such a request. I hope and pray that Reagan is fired, arrested, tried, and convicted.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Possible Obama VP Picks

Obama VP team discusses 20 possible picks (From CNN):

Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential search team on Tuesday shared with a Democratic senator the names of about 20 people under consideration to be the presumptive Democratic nominee's running mate.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-North Dakota, said that some of those considered are "top officials now," others are "former lawmakers" and others are "former top military leaders."

He said many of the names already have been "bandied about" in the media, but others were "outside the box."

He declined to give examples.


Although Obama's campaign has not released the names of any front-runners for the VP spot, there's been a lot of speculation about who he will pick.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, whose tenacious refusal to surrender the nomination contest turned the Democratic race into one of the most nail-biting in modern U.S. political history, has indicated that she would be willing to sign up on a joint ticket.

Other possible front-runners include former presidential hopefuls Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson and John Edwards.

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, who has often been mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick, said Tuesday that if asked, he would "absolutely not" join the party's presidential ticket this fall.

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, who has served on both armed services and intelligence committees in the Senate, has been mentioned as a possible contender.

And ever since New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ruled out his own independent bid for the presidency, he's been seen as a potential running mate for both Obama and John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Wesley Clark
, a former NATO commander who failed in his bid for the 2004 presidential nomination, could be in the running, along with a slew of current politicians including Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas and Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You might be a terrorist if....

From the HuffPo:

Now that Michelle and Barack Obama have been exposed as Osama's lackeys due to their foolishly giving each other the terrorist fist jab so common in al-Qaeda and Hamas circles, we can finally rest easy, safe in the knowledge that this mole that the terrorists cleverly hid away in a Christian church for several decades will never see the inside of the White House. Why the Obamas displayed this well-known terrorist secret handshake so publicly will probably never be known, until they confess under duress at Guantanamo of course, but best not to think about that too hard. Victory's on the march, after all. The Obamas are only the latest terror-sympathizing fifth columnists to be revealed to the world. Just a few days before the Obamas shamelessly revealed their desire for never-ending jihad with a shocked American public, fellow terrorist Rachael Ray was caught red-handed wearing a Sharia-inspired scarf. The terrorists seems to be everywhere these days, what with their running for president and shilling for donutmongers. But as long as we all make like Michelle Malkin and keep our eyes open, wary for the next foul scarf, we'll all be fine. What follows, then, are more signs of terrorist sympathies. Learn them. Know them. They just might save your life. Or your life. Or your life. Or YOURS!

Signs you might be a terrorist:

1) If you drink any sort of coffee with a name ending in "-ccino," you might be a terrorist.

2) If you plan on voting for fist-pounding terrorist sympathizer Barack Obama, you might be a terrorist.

3) If you live in San Francisco, you might be a terrorist.

4) If you think that even Michelle Malkin could find better things to do with her time than examine the fashion choices of Rachael Ray, you might be a terrorist.

5) If you think that Fox News' reporting of a fist pound as a terrorist fist jab makes them look shockingly, eye-poppingly, searingly stupid as opposed to making Barack Obama look like a terrorist, you might be a terrorist.

6) If you went out and bought one of those scarves the minute Dunkin Donuts pulled the ad, you might be a terrorist.

7) If you read Huffington Post, you might be a terrorist.

8) If you actually blog at Huffington Post, you are a terrorist. Report to Guantanamo for re-education.

The Cure - Pictures of You (Live) - Houston, Texas

Last night I saw The Cure in concert at the Toyota Center, Houston, Texas. This is only my second time seeing the band, the first time was in Orlando in 1996. The show was amazing and they sounded perfect. Seriously, it was like listening to a really, really loud CD. The modest-sized crowd was stoked throughout the evening as Robert Smith et al. performing a blistering 3+ hour, 33 song set that including three encores. Anyhow, I decided to personally record and now blog one of my all-time favorite The Cure songs, "Pictures of You". I didn't record the first few seconds of the song, but was able to record almost the entire piece. Here it is.....enjoy:

Here is the set list from last night:
Intro: Adagio for Strings

Set: Out Of This World, Want, Fascination Street, A Night Like This, The End of the World, Lovesong, A Boy I Never Knew, Pictures Of You, Lullaby, Maybe Someday, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, The Perfect Boy, Kyoto Song, Hot Hot Hot, The Only One, The Blood, Sleep When I'm Dead, Push, How Beautiful You Are, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, A Letter To Elise, Us Or Them, One Hundred Years, Bloodflowers

Encore 1: Plainsong, Disintegration,

Encore 2: Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab

Encore 3: A Forest

Monday, June 9, 2008

McCain: America is a Christian Nation

Is this video, McCain is desperately and pathetically pandering to the extreme right-wing evangelicals by putting forth the same old, and debunked (and here and here and here), talking points that "America is a Christian Nation", the "Constitution establishes America as a Christian Nation", etc., etc.,

How come the words "Christ" or "Jesus" or "Christianity" do not appear anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, or the rest of Constitution?

The U.S. Constitution is a secular document. It begins, "We the people," and contains no mention of "God" or "Christianity." Its only references to religion are exclusionary, such as, "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust" (Art. VI), and "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" (First Amendment). The presidential oath of office, the only oath detailed in the Constitution, does not contain the phrase "so help me God" or any requirement to swear on a bible (Art. II, Sec. 1, Clause 8). If we are a Christian nation, why doesn't our Constitution say so?

In 1797 America made a treaty with Tripoli, declaring that "the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." This reassurance to Islam was written under Washington's presidency, and approved by the Senate under John Adams.

Read on.....

Terrorist Fist Jabs: Terrorists Are Everywhere!

As noted earlier, that inept excuse for a cable "news" station (i.e. Faux "News") accused Michelle and Barack of performing a "terrorist fist jab" prior to Barack's "victory" speech as the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. So, I decided to provide a dedicated blog entry to expose all the other terrorist fist jabbers out there and hope to add more as we, good Americans, track-down and identify these scoundrels:

Young American gymnast terrorists

Baseball terrorists

More baseball terrorists

Football players and young white boy terrorists

American Idol terrorists

Harry Connick Jr, the terrorist

Senator Terrorists Feinstein (D-CA) and Hutchison (R-TX)

Cartoon terrorists

Old White Men Playing Golf Terrorists

Some sort of terrorist fist jabbing training tool for our youth

Terrorist Polar Bears (perhaps this is why right-wingers want to destroy the artic?)

Ricky Bobby aka Terroristy Bobby

LIEbermann (I-Israel) the Independent terrorist

The Original Terrorist Fist Jab

U.S. Soldier terrorists
Watch the very end of the commercial.

Bud Light exposes that the terrorist jab is out of fashion

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Image Hosted by

Fox News: Obama’s Fist Bump, "A Terrorist Fist Jab?"

From MMFA:

Teasing a segment on the "gesture everyone seems to interpret differently," Fox News' E.D. Hill said: "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? ... We'll show you some interesting body communication and find out what it really says." In the ensuing discussion with a "body language expert," Hill referred to the "Michelle and Barack Obama fist bump or fist pound," but at no point did she explain her earlier reference to "a terrorist fist jab." Click here to read more...

Fox "News", once again, displays zero journalist [sic] integrity by attempting to link a Democrat to terrorism. What's even worse is that the inept idiots at Faux picked up the concept of a "terrorist jab" from a poster comment from the far, far, right-wing website Human in a blog entry by Cal Thomas.
Michelle is not as “refined” as Obama at hiding her TRUE feelings about America–etc. Her “Hezbollah” style fist-jabbing–mouth-twisted anti-American speeches is STRAIGHT from ISLAM!
*sigh* It's so pathetic and sad, yet not unexpected to see the low-life scum at Faux parroting the comments made at a far, far right-wing website.

So, by right-wing "standards", it appears we are surrounded by terrorists:

Young American gymnast terrorists

Baseball terrorists

Football players and young white boy terrorists

American Idol terrorists

Harry Connick Jr, the terrorist

Senator Terrorists Feinstein (D-CA) and Hutchison (R-TX)

The original terrorist fist jab

U.S. Soldier terrorists
Watch the very end of the commercial.

Breaking News: McCain's Latest Rally Gets out of Hand!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rick Santorum Equates Same-Sex Marriage to Incest (Again) and Out-of-Wedlock Birthrates

Man-on-dog Ricky Sanatorium (R) has once again equated a loving same-sex relationship to incest and equates same-sex marriage to skyrocketing birthrates in Norway. Ricky authored a rant today in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the California Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage. From TP:
Sanatorium: Look at Norway. It began allowing same-sex marriage in the 1990s. In just the last decade, its heterosexual-marriage rates have nose-dived and its out-of-wedlock birthrate skyrocketed to 80 percent for firstborn children.


Is anyone saying same-sex couples can’t love each other? I love my children. I love my friends, my brother. Heck, I even love my mother-in-law. Should we call these relationships marriage, too? Marriage is and always has been more than the acknowledgment of the love between two people.

And poor whiddle Ricky wonders why he got his arse handed to him in the 2006 elections. Anywhoooo, can someone explain: 1) What does out-of-wedlock birthrates have to do with gay marriage? 2) What does a loving same-sex couple have to do with incest? Is this the right-wing vision for "love"? Sickos. Really. Sick, sick, sick.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poll: Obama leads McCain in November Match

So, after months and months of the [right-wing] MSM covering the Wright non-story, it turns out that Obama still leads McCain. Oops!! Guess the [right-wing] MSM will have to go back to flag-pins and bowling scores.

From Reuters

Democrat Barack Obama has opened an 8-point national lead on Republican John McCain as the U.S. presidential rivals turn their focus to a general election race, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

Obama, who was tied with McCain in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup last month, moved to a 48 percent to 40 percent lead over the Arizona senator in May as he took command of his grueling Democratic presidential duel with rival Hillary Clinton.



The poll found Obama was seen as a better steward of the economy than McCain, leading 48 percent to 39 percent. McCain led Obama by 3 points last month on an issue that is certain to be crucial in their campaign.

Obama led McCain among independents, 47 percent to 35 percent, and led among some groups of voters who have backed Clinton during their Democratic primary battle, including Catholics, Jews, union households and voters making less than $35,000 a year.

McCain led among whites, NASCAR fans, and elderly voters. McCain led with voters who believed the United States was on the right track, and Obama led with the much higher percentage of voters who believed it was on the wrong track.


GOP Consultant: Sometimes It's "Accurate" To Call A Woman A "Bitch"

From TPM Election Central and TP

During yesterday’s Democratic primary coverage on CNN, Jeff Toobin criticized a New York Times column that published a joke about Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) being a "white bitch". "I think it’s appalling, but I think she’s absolutely right that there has been a level of sexism," said Toobin. But CNN contributor Alex Castellanos, who is also an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign, disagreed, saying that some women deserve to be called a "bitch":

If I can disagree, I think you’re dead wrong. She’s dead wrong. And I think she thinks her problem is she’s a woman. Her problem is she’s Hillary Clinton. And some women, by the way, are named that and it’s accurate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


From AP Sports:

So much for the demise of the Detroit Red Wings. Not only are they headed back to the Stanley Cup finals, they’re again looking like the club that dominated the regular season and most of the playoffs.

After consecutive losses hinted at vulnerability, the Red Wings bounced back strong in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals, getting first-period goals from Kris Draper, Pavel Datsyuk and Dallas Drake on their way to knocking out the Dallas Stars 4-1 on Monday night.

“We were relentless,” Draper said. “It was just a solid first period and obviously the difference in the hockey game. … We’re back in the Stanley Cup and it sounds great for us.”

Detroit led this series 3-0 before running into trouble. Now that the fear of a collapse is gone, the focus turns to winning its fourth championship in 11 seasons. The Red Wings will face the Pittsburgh Penguins starting Saturday at Joe Louis Arena, with the schedule following a Saturday-Monday-Wednesday pattern.


The Red Wings and Penguins did not meet this season. They did the two previous years and Detroit won both. … This will be the first Detroit-Pittsburgh finals. … It also will be the first all-American finals since 2003, when New Jersey faced Anaheim. … The team that scored first won every game this series. … Detroit is the first Presidents’ Trophy winners to make the finals since its 2002 club did it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

First PNAC, Now Conservapedia?

Last week it was noted throughout the blogosphere that the far right-wing Neocon PNAC website has been suspended. Visitors to the PNAC site are now greeted with a message stating the site has been "suspended" and to "contact the billing department".

H/T to TP for the image.

At least they can't hide from the WayBack Machine

It appears, at least for now, the far right-wing and factless-based Conservapedia may be the next interweb victim. When attempting to visit their revisionist website (Dr Matt: I tried for over an hour), visitors are greeted with a "The connection has timed out" message. Is Conservapedia the next victim of a fact-based world??? Developing......

As a reminder, here are the Top ten most viewed pages on Wikipedia vs Conservapedia:


  1. Main Page [30,090,900]
  2. Wiki [904,800]
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [413,400]
  4. Naruto [401,400]
  5. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock [396,000]
  6. United States [330,000]
  7. Wikipedia [329,400]
  8. Deaths in 2007 [321,300]
  9. Heroes (TV series) [307,500]
  10. Transformers (film) [303,600]
  1. Main Page‎ [1,906,729]
  2. Homosexuality‎ [1,572,713]
  3. Homosexuality and Hepatitis‎ [517,086]
  4. Homosexuality and Promiscuity‎ [420,687]
  5. Gay Bowel Syndrome‎ [389,052]
  6. Homosexuality and Parasites‎ [388,123]
  7. Homosexuality and Domestic Violence‎ [365,888]
  8. Homosexuality and Gonorrhea‎ [331,553]
  9. Homosexuality and Mental Health‎ [291,179]
  10. Homosexuality and Syphilis‎ [265,322]

Update (5/19, 6:08 ET): Conservapedia is still down and out.

Update II (5/19, 8:55 ET): Conservapedia is back....thank gawd. We can continue to ridicule the wing-nuts and their perverse vision of "reality".

Gas, diesel prices soar to record high

Image Hosted by


Gallon of regular unleaded hits $3.79; diesel now $4.52


Americans are now paying an average of $3.79 for a gallon of regular gas, according to a survey by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Diesel, used to transport goods a wide range of goods, now costs $4.52 a gallon.

Drivers in some parts of the country are paying considerably more, however. Gas pump prices in parts of California, where the average is down to $3.96, have been stuck above $4 a gallon for weeks now. Prices in Alaska and Connecticut are averaging just above $4 a gallon statewide.

A report released Sunday showed retail prices topped an average $4 a gallon for the first time in two metropolitan areas: Chicago and New York’s Long Island. The Lundberg Survey of 7,000 stations nationwide found the cheapest city to be Tucson, Ariz., where a gallon of regular sold for $3.48 on average.


Bush Family Legacy: Ties to Hitler and Nazis

I am going to use this blog entry as an archival location, which will be constantly updated, that will contain documentation of the Bush family ties to Hitler and the Nazi Party. There is so much evidence spread throughout the internet(s), and hopefully I can create a single unique location that will reference all appropriate materials. Perhaps some crafty internet(s) guru could create a Wiki type tool for this important topic? *hint hint*

  • How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power: Rumors of a link between the US first family and the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. Now the Guardian can reveal how repercussions of events that culminated in action under the Trading with the Enemy Act are still being felt by today's president.
  • The Hitler Project. Bush Property Seized - Trading with the Enemy: In October 1942, ten months after entering World War II, America was preparing its first assault against Nazi military forces. Prescott Bush was managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman. His 18-year-old son George, the future U.S. President, had just begun training to become a naval pilot. On Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush.

Democrats Introduce McCainpedia


Today we're launching McCainpedia, the latest online tools designed to provide greater access to information and resources. McCainpedia is an electronic encyclopedia that provides the opportunity for anyone, anywhere to review the raw facts and research of John McCain's record and then use it or share it in any way they choose.

By visiting, you're a mouse-click away from our research on John McCain. You can easily find and share information on a specific issue or use the data to create flyers, blog posts, or YouTube videos. McCainpedia follows FlipperTV, a unique online video tool launched in November of 2007 that allows users to watch, download, and use video taken by Democratic trackers of John McCain from the campaign trail. We've now incorporated FlipperTV directly into McCainpedia.


Song of the Day (It Was A Good Day, Ice Cube)

"It Was a Good Day" is a 1993 single by American gangsta rapper Ice Cube from his third solo album, The Predator. It is the second single from the album and it peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also a hit in the UK Charts, peaking at number 27. In April 2006, it was ranked as the 81st greatest rap song of all time by In 2007, it was ranked number 77 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.

75,000 Turn Out for Obama in Portland

H/T Brad Blog

MSM Says 'Largest Crowd for Obama to Date', But Isn't it Also the Largest Crowd EVER - in American History - for a Primary Election Rally?

Updated with Video Below the Pics!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Some Detainees Are Drugged For Deportation

H/t Digbys

The US government routinely injects psychotropic drugs into detainees to keep them sedated during deportation flights. , in violation of international human rights standards.

The U.S. government has injected hundreds of foreigners it has deported with dangerous psychotropic drugs against their will to keep them sedated during the trip back to their home country, according to medical records, internal documents and interviews with people who have been drugged.

The government's forced use of antipsychotic drugs, in people who have no history of mental illness, includes dozens of cases in which the "pre-flight cocktail," as a document calls it, had such a potent effect that federal guards needed a wheelchair to move the slumped deportee onto an airplane.

"Unsteady gait. Fell onto tarmac," says a medical note on the deportation of a 38-year-old woman to Costa Rica in late spring 2005. Another detainee was "dragged down the aisle in handcuffs, semi-comatose," according to an airline crew member's written account. Repeatedly, documents describe immigration guards "taking down" a reluctant deportee to be tranquilized before heading to an airport.


High Flying Fine Dining: Dinner at 165 Feet

Here's a dining concept that'll make your head if not your stomach spin: It's dinner at a table suspended 165 feet in the air with chairs that swivel180 degrees.

Dubbed Dinner in the Sky, the attraction is making its U.S. debut Monday in Orlando at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention. About 25,000attendees are expected at the one-stop-shopping event, where the amusement industry rolls out new thrill rides and related products.

Thehigh-flying dining venue was introduced in Europe last year and consists of a platform suspended from a crane. Guests are harnessed into 22 seats, with space in the center for a chef and two helpers.With local officials' blessings, the platform can be transported to just about anywhere the crane can maneuver. One recent spot: in front of the Amiens Cathedral in France, with dinner prepared by a three-star Michelin chef.

'It was like eating with the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ,' quips David Ghysels, co-founder of the Belgium-based company.

Ghysels sees all sorts of U.S. possibilities for the dangling restaurant, including air space over the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and golf courses.

'I think human beings always like to see what's happening from the air,' he says. 'And there are so many wonderfuln atural spots in the U.S. Dinner in the Sky could go anywhere.'

Ther estaurant ( belongs firmly in the special-occasion category, however. The cost for eight hours is about $11,444 not including catering.

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