Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Puppy-Marine Saga Continues

KITV of Honolulu, Hawaii provides more coverage of the "Puppy-Marine Saga":

Update I: The MSM is not only covering this but they are actually listing David Motari as the alleged puppy thrower. From the LA times:


In the video, a second Marine identifies the first by name;

"That was mean, Motari," he says, unconvincingly.

Online denizens quickly located the Bebo.com profile of a Marine named David Motari. The Marine Corps press office confirmed that Motari is, or at one time was, in the corps.

A phone number and address for a David Motari was repeatedly posted on the Bebo profile and in the comments on the Digg entry that led to the video. When I called the number, it had been disconnected.