Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time: Janie and I (and YOU) is the 'Person of the Year'

Time Says You're the 'Person of the Year'

Magazine Awards Annual Recognition to Internet Community

Dec. 17, 2006 - According to Time magazine, you and I are the "person of the year". Pfffft, I've been saying the same thing EVERY year!

"Yes, you, along with everyone else in the "digital democracy" blew other contenders, including North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and President Bush, out of the water (though both made it into the magazine's list of "People Who Mattered.) In an age where MySpace, YouTube and blogs rule, Time chose to recognize the power of the common people who create and use content on the Internet."

Steve Young at The Huffington Post writes:

Anyone who was anyone and everyone who wasn't: Time's Person of the Year.

George Bush. Check. Nancy Pelosi. Check. Donald Rumsfeld. Check. Mel Gibson. Check.
John Mark Carr. Check. Michael Richards. Check. Kim Jong Il. Check. Larry the Cable Guy. Check.

Dick Cheney. Check.

The guy Cheney shot. Check.

Every single member of the Duke lacrosse team, including the manager, who wasn't even at the party. Check.

Osama bin Laden, who hasn't even made as much as a threatening tape in months. Check.

O.J. Simpson, if he did it, even though he did, along with his unemployed editor. Check.

Bill O'Reilly, like he needed any help with promoting himself. Check.

Carrot Top, who's not even a good punchline for an industry joke anymore. Check.

Barack. Now in first name needed only class. Check.

Tom Delay who didn't have to redistrict Time's voting to get himself in. Check.

Ken Lay, and he didn't even have to live out the year to make it. Check.

My old friend Mel Kardos who really hasn't done much since sinking that basket to put us within 10 points of Carl Sandburg Junior High thirty years ago. Check.

Even Britney Spears made it. She alone might be palatable, but did they have to include Kevin Federline? Talk about turning the knife.

And, oh yeah. Whomever it is who decides that Federline's name or picture belongs in any entertainment rag. Check.

So, I'll be expecting my check in the mail and brass monkey award very soon. I rule!