Monday, December 18, 2006

Your Government at Work: DoD Posts Counterinsurgency Manual on the Net

9/11 Commission recommendations not followed. Cargo not inspected. A country involved in terrorism given the keys to our ports. Why hasn't the Bush Administration just turned our plan for fighting in Iraq over to the insurgents? Oh wait. They did.

The blog, "IraqSlogger" is reporting that the Pentagon has released a 282 page report on the United States counterinsurgency plan. This is the first such report of this nature since 9/11, and is now available on multiple military websites that can be accessed across the globe.

The report itself does not contain any classified information, but does discuss such topics as "Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance", "Intelligence Cells and Working Groups", "Executing Counterinsurgency Operations", and "Targeting".

So, Bush policy it seems, is to provide an unwavering commitment to an illegal war, decline to offer an exit strategy/timetable because it will embolden the terrorists, but handing them our plan on a silver platter is A-OK.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that jihadist websites are now linking to and mocking the report.

From IraqSlogger:

"Jihadists and their supporters are reading and mocking the Pentagon's new counterinsurgency field manual, which was released publicly and posted on several Department of Defense Web sites Friday even though it addresses such sensitive topics as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting.

One Arabic-language jihadist Web site linking to the Pentagon's 282-page counterinsurgency manual is, which routinely calls for the killing of U.S. and British forces in Iraq; praises bin Laden, al Qaeda, and the 9/11 attacks; and whose sponsor, Mohamed al Massari, has called for the assassination of George Bush and Tony Blair."

Thanks George Bush.