Thursday, January 11, 2007

Condi Rice Loves Her Guys On Fox "News"!

It is no surprise to anyone that Fox "News" is a right-wing propaganda outfit. They clearly side with and defend the GOP [failing] agenda. Their right-wing bias is as obvious as the sky is blue.

We already know that Dead-Eye Dick demands that all TVs in his presence must be tuned to Fox. So it seems that Condi is also a Kool-Aide drinking Fox wing-nut as well. She let her expected media preference be known via an open microphone between morning television interviews. Condi was heard saying, "My Fox guys, I love every single one of them."

I bet Hannity, Bill-O, Gibby et al. are filled with a fuzzy feeling this morning.

Update (2:30 PM ET): Wing-nut paranoia alert (I need a Drudge-like siren)!

The irrelevant, discredited, and anchor baby Michelle Malkin weighs in with her feeble attempt at comedy but with a rather successful paranoid rant:
Spruiell thinks it’s funny how mics keep “accidentally” getting left on around Bush and Condi, followed by the recordings “accidentally” making their way into the media. Not ha-ha funny, like a clown. The other kind of funny.
Michelle's intended "liberal media conspiracy" of “accidentally” leaving Condi's mic *is* ha-ha funny like a clown. Thanks Chuckles!