Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Democrats Forcing Republicans to Go On Record Concerning Troop Surge

As we reported yesterday, only 36% of Americans support a troop surge in Iraq, while 61% are against it.

Now the Senate Democrats have a plan to make sure the American people know where their Representatives, particularly Republicans, stand on the issue too. From The New York Times:

"Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they intended to hold symbolic votes in the House and Senate on President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Baghdad, forcing Republicans to take a stand on the proposal and seeking to isolate the president politically over his handling of the war."
The vote will be held early next week.

This is politics at its best. Finally, the Democrats have the opportunity to put Republicans on the spot and make voters understand just where their Representative stands on important issues. This same tactic was used during last night's vote on the National Security bill (HR1) implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations. Imagine in 2008 Democrats being able to tell constituents that their Republican representative was against tighter screening at our ports.

The tables have turned, and thus far, Democrats are playing the game just right, while actually doing something that puts the American people first.