Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union Word Frequency Summary

I decided to C&P dubyah's SOTU speech into a Word Frequency Counter to see what were the most common words. Here are some of the results:

301 the (most common word)
27 america
21 iraq
15 government
14 terrorists
14 insurance
12 americans
11 congress
11 children
10 war
10 enemy
10 american
10 al qaeda
10 iraqi
7 struggle
7 secure
7 reform
7 extremists
7 economy
6 tax
5 democratic
5 baghdad
4 terror
4 immigration
4 healthcare
4 diplomacy
4 democracy
4 attacks
4 afghanistan
3 taxes
3 lebanon
3 deduction
3 death
3 danger
2 hezbollah
2 freedom
2 evil
2 environment
1 zarqawi
1 israel
1 islamist
1 islam
1 insurgents
1 bin laden
1 arabia
1 arab
1 anthrax
1 airplanes
1 airplane
1 afghan

Certainly this SOTU had a much different feel and flavor than the previous 5 by G Dub. Besides the fact the Prez for the first time was not speaking to a GOP controlled House, the country is also decidedly anti-Bush, anti-GOP, and anti-war. His speech was not motivating or inspirational. But, most notably his SOTU did not contain the elevated fear factor when compared to previous SOTUs delivered by this Prez.

We witnessed last night a lame duck president waking up to the reality that he IS a lame duck and that his legacy is one of unrecoverable failure. This fact was evident in his lackluster message and delivery. His presidency is equivalent to a 48-3 blowout in the fourth quarter and the losing team just wants to get off the field. Unfortunately for America, this fourth quarter still has over 725 days of this living walking disaster.