Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wing-nuttery 101: Ex-Gay Video

Sadly, this video is for real and not some attempt at a bad joke.

From Pam's House Blend:

...well, there are no words to explain this "ex-gay" music video -- The Bible Says (God Hates a Fag), by Donnie Davies and Evening Service (hailing from south Houston). This is so campy it has to be a joke, but he plays it straight -- so to speak.

From Donnie Davies' bio:
I am in fact a Reformed Homosexual and I'm trying to let people know that there is an escape from being Gay. By letting people know that "God hates a Fag" I am doing Gods work, I'm preaching.

When I was in highschool I kept having feelings for the boys I was in school with. Often I would let these feelings take over. I got into lots of trouble when I was Gay.

As always, Jesus' General has a wonderful retort for the despicable Donnie Davies.

Update II (Jan 26th, 12:22 PM ET):
It appears the Google Video has removed the video as well (YouTube yanked it earlier this week).

BTW, anyone else think this is just a hoax? I don't think this is for real at all. I think this guy is coming off a bit too fruity with his pink shirt and his overtly and over-the-top anti-gay message. My prediction: This will be exposed as joke/fraud eventually.

Seriously, where did this guy come from? All of sudden he pops up out of the blue with this corny video and website. I just find this hard to believe that he is for real. I certainly do believe many right-wing nuts believe the message of this video, but not in this case.